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Independent Study

1. Study Part I

FritzZyme™ was scientifically proven to be the absolute best source of nitrifying bacteria available, as shown in a independent study performed at the Biological Science Department at California State University. The large project was directed by experts in aquatic nitrification. When contacted by these biologists for samples, Fritz Pet Products was eager to have their bacteria included in the study, which also tested Hagen’s Cycle™, Aquarium Products’ Biozyme™, Aquatronics’ Bacter Plus™, Mardel’s A.C.T.™, Precision Aquarium Testing’s Sure Start™ and many others. Results showed that FritzZyme™ #9 Saltwater Nitrifying Bacteria was the only product to produce any testable decrease in either ammonia or nitrite in saltwater. By 14 days into the test, the FritzZyme™ #9 had reduced the ammonia level by over 70%. FritzZyme™ #7 Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria had reduced the ammonia by over 60%. No comparable results were found with any other product tested. California State University performed further testing, researching why FritzZyme™ produced such superior results. Electron microscope pictures showed that FritzZyme™ was the only product to form large, uniformly developed bacterial mats on bio-media. Products showing slight ammonia reduction created small, broken bacterial mats. Those showing no ammonia reduction never produced colonized cultures on media. Clearly, the difference was in the bottle: FritzZyme™ contained large, concentrated true nitrifying cultures.

TurboStart™ is concentrated FritzZyme™. It gives nitrification an even larger boost by introducing over thirty million live nitrifying bacteria per ounce, rapidly accelerating the nitrification process. Ammonia and nitrite are quickly reduced to safe levels. Both ammonia and nitrite are reduced by over 90% in less than 5 days. Fish stress (induced by high levels of ammonia and nitrite) is also reduced and moralities normally associated with "New Tank Syndrome" are eliminated. Just follow the easy lab-verified starter plan!

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Independent Studies

California State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Nevada Las Vegas


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