1.  What levels of ammonia and nitrite should I see when using Fritz-Zyme?

You will see the normal "new tank syndrome" time greatly reduced or completely eliminated. The ammonia and nitrite levels, if present, will be well below stress levels. Problem systems will recover in a matter of days without extensive water changes.

2.  What if my nitrites will not go down in my saltwater aquarium treated with FritzZyme?

Nitrites in saltwater will be experienced in most cases. If they fail to drop after 1-2 weeks, you may be experiencing a phosphate block. You can eliminate the phosphate block by adding Fritz pH Lower at the rate of one drop per 4 gallons of water (do not exceed this amount or the pH in your system will be affected). The nitrites should begin dropping in approximately 48 hours after this addition (one time only). A second dosage of FritzZyme® may be necessary.

Independent Studies

California State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Nevada Las Vegas


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