1.  How does FritzZyme Work?

FritzZyme allows your tank to duplicate nature. FritzZyme "seeds" the biological filter with sufficient numbers of beneficial nitrifying bacteria so it can begin to remove ammonia and nitrite. Because the time required for the bacteria to become established is drastically reduced, fish may be introduced much sooner. When adding more fish or other bio-load to an aquarium, the addition of FritzZyme adds more bacteria to the biofilter, thus preparing it to be able to handle the increased ammonia production.

2.  How long has Fritz Industries, Inc. been working with nitrifying bacteria?

Fritz Industries, Inc. has been working with nitrifying bacteria for over 26 years, and has constantly worked to perfect culturing techniques while obtaining maximum production with superior packaging of a stabilized product.

3.  What sets Fritz Industries, Inc.'s nitrifying bacteria products apart from other competitors?

Fritz Industries, Inc. is the only known company growing viable nitrifying bacteria with a shelf life of over 30 days, and no other company can compare to the concentration levels of viable bacteria.

4.  How does FritzZyme compare to other products?

FritzZyme® was the first product on the market to rapidly establish biological filters in aquatic systems. Having been on the market for over 15 years, it is the only time-proven product of its kind, becoming known as "the bacteria that works". Since over 75% of the ammonia generated within the aquarium comes from direct excretion from the fish, it only makes sense to use bacterial products which provide the nitrifying bacteria to utilize this ammonia. If the product will not utilize ammonium chloride it will not utilize the excreted ammonia. Therefore, although other products have been introduced on the market with many claims, be assured there is only one tested, proven FritzZyme. In addition to FritzZyme being sold throughout the pet industry, the Fritz Pet division supplies FritzZyme to professional fish, shrimp and lobster farms, city aquariums, universities, research facilities and zoos throughout the world. Many entertainment parks are also regular users of FritzZyme. TO these professionals, having a reliable product to establish and maintain their systems is of vital importance. They rely on FritzZyme.

5.  What is the difference between FritzZyme 7 and Fritz-Zyme 9?

FritzZyme® 7 is for freshwater use and FritzZyme® 9 is for brackish and saltwater use. Both FritzZyme 7 and 9 work the same natural way, but the species of bacteria differ in order to achieve the best results possible in each environment. By having separate products with optimum species for each environment, the "lag time" for the bacteria to adjust is avoided. If the wrong FritzZyme is used, you will not achieve the needed ammonia and/or nitrite control. Introduce the correct FritzZyme as soon as possible. Water changes to remove the incorrect FritzZyme will not be necessary.

6.  Why does it take so long for an aquarium to cycle without Fritz-Zyme?

In comparison to other types of bacteria, nitrifying bacteria grow very slowly. Under optimal conditions, it takes fully 15 hours for a colony to double in size! By adding Fritz-Zyme Nitrifying Bacteria you are adding bacteria to your system in amounts that would have taken weeks to naturally grow.

Independent Studies

California State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Nevada Las Vegas


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