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1.  What about sludge removers?

Sludge removers are not necessary in new systems because there is no organic material for them to break down. However, in established systems, they are beneficial; they will break down the organic material trapped in the biofilter. This trapped material cuts down the flow of oxygen-rich water to the nitrifying bacteria "the real work horses of the aquarium". Fritz offers sludge remover, FritzZyme 360, a freshwater biological aquarium cleaner, for this purpose. Thus you can provide nitrifying bacteria and sludge removing bacteria as needed in your system.

2.  Why not have a dry version of FritzZyme?

FritzZyme® contains true nitrifying bacteria. These bacteria have a low survival rate when dried or freeze-dried. Low survival rates mean very few viable "living" nitrifying bacteria would be added to the aquarium. Although competitors claim to have dry versions, tests have shown that these products actually do not establish the biofilter significantly faster than the biofilter would have established on its own.

3.  What other products may be used with FritzZyme?

Chlorine must be removed before adding FritzZyme® (chlorine kills bacteria). Fritz Guard or Fritz Chlorine Remover may be used for this purpose. Fritz pH Blocks for pH control, Fritz Super Salt for marine systems, Fritz Super Clarifier and Fritz Trace Elements may also be used without any adverse affect to the biofilter. (the other products mentioned in this FAQ can be purchased at FritzPet: www.fritzpet.com

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California State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, University of Nevada Las Vegas


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